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We truly understand how important your technology and computer is to you, your business, and every day lives. Our goal is to provide you with the best computer repair service possible, while resolving your computer-related issues quickly and professionally.

Computers have problems – and most often when you least expect it. We’ll help you resolve them quickly so you can get back to work ASAP.

Having your computer run at it’s optimum performance is essential, and keeping up with the latest hardware and software upgrades allows you to be more productive. We have the experience to help make sure that you’re getting the very most out of your computer AND your time.

We provide both hardware and software troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and repair. Please call us today or stop by for a free estimate!

Whether it’s broken hardware or software issues, we have the tools to get you back up and running FAST!

Hardware & Software Repairs

We provide comprehensive desktop repairs for all major models. Our technicians have years of experience repairing desktops, from memory issues, hard drive damage and software issues, to worn or stuck keyboards and motherboard malfunctions.

Whatever your computer repair need is, we’ve been there and fixed that.

 Desktop Hardware repairs:

  • Hardware Repairs
  • Bad memory repairs
  • DC power jack repairs
  • Desktop keyboard repair
  • Desktop motherboard repair
  • Desktop hard disk repair

Software Repairs and Services

  • RAM upgrades
  • Software diagnostics
  • Virus and Spyware removal
  • OS install and upgrade service
  • Overheating problem fix
  • Data recovery
  • Hardware troubleshooting

Laptops, MacBooks and Netbooks

Hardware & Software

We provide comprehensive laptop repairs and upgrades for all major model laptops.

Hardware malfunctions? Software problems?… Not a problem for us. Our technicians have years of experience repairing laptops, from cracked screens, motherboard malfunctions, hard drive damage, and software issues.

Laptop Screen Repair

If you have Laptop a with; a broken or cracked LCD or backlight LCD, Lamp (bulb) is out,  dead pixel issue, line on LCD, a fuzzy picture or row of dead pixels, we can help.

Laptop monitors are extremely fragile and sometimes just a little pressure can break it. Most of display related issues arise due to pressure impact on LCD. Whatever the cause, we’ll make sure you undstand the problem as well as your best options to solve it.

Advanced Removal Tools

We use the latest tools that identify and isolate the viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits and adware-spyware and then delete them from the hard drive, removing all the malware so it does not replicate itself upon reboot.

Malicious Code has been written to become increasingly complex involving multiple system elements. Anti-virus vendors have developed tools to automate the removal process instead of users having to identify and manually remove bad code from their computers.

Don’t take a chance

If you are not experienced with “hard-to-remove” viruses and other malware, its suggested you call us to eliminate the chance of any further damage. Damaging the boot record can permanently affect the computers ability to boot, as well as access certain files.

Top Data Recovery Engineers

Desktop and Laptop

At The Technology Connection we understand how important your data is and we take the highest priority in recovering it. Our recovery engineers have years of experience recovering data from failed hard drives on desktops and laptops.

Flash Drive Recovery

As technology continues to advance, removable media devices are becoming more and more common. Almost everyone carries a digital camera or flash drive to store valuable memories, documents, and business presentations. These devices are great to have, but just like hard drives, they will eventually fail, get broken or bent, and cracked. We can perform recovery on flash drives and recovery on camera cards to get your valuable data back fast.

Server Recovery

Recovering data from mass storage devices is a very complex and intricate process. Thanks to advanced technology, proprietary hardware/software, and years of experience, we’re able to offer a  cost-effective RAID data recovery and server data recovery services.

Experience Matters

With years of experience in computer repair, we’re proud to be considered the leader in providing computer hardware and software solutions for businesses throughout central Ohio.

Locally owned and operated, our mission is to help your business meet its technical challenges now and in the future.

From data recovery, to system upgrades, we’re your full service computer repair provider, serving Columbus Ohio and the surrounding areas. 

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